Vice Versa: A Look Behind Family Photos | Uno sguardo dietro alle foto di famiglia

This project encompasses a group of installations that explore the materiality of photographs and how we relate to private family photos.
Since photography is a medium to record images, when looking at a photograph we usually focus on the side with the picture, its face. But photographs are tridimensional objects, each with its own history, and the back, or verso, can tell us a lot about it. On the back we can find names, dates, locations, meaningful inscriptions, annotations or printer’s marks. Sometimes we can reconstruct the context of the image, other times there’s little o no information. The back is significant, even if it is empty.
The installations in this project focus on the verso of photographs, which I have either bought at flea markets or that come from my own family albums. Each installation shows theses photographs in a unique way and reflects a different approach to family photographs, from a family photo wall to photo albums, to duplicates, etc.