We usually take pictures to remind us of specific moments, often associated to people and places, but what happens when the pictures loose every connection to us?
The images in this project derive from group of family photographs originally found at a flea market. Just like any other viewer, I have no connection to the people depicted, nevertheless these people were once living and breathing, their existence meant something to others. Now all of this is lost and only conjectures can be made based on elusive clues.
The intrinsic sadness of the orphaned pictures, by both the people they belonged to and their corresponding positive print, inspired me to work on these traces of past and (now) anonymous lives, as a reflection on our photographic practices and the affective value of photography.  The layered negatives and the selection of out-of-focus shots, shown both as positive and negative images, present the once clear traces of existence as fleeting apparitions.
Through this project the idea of photography as evidence of existence and vessel of memory is paradoxically both denied and reaffirmed.